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February 10

Divorce law brought into effect from 1 December 2019

Following the referendum held in May 2019 in which the Government’s proposal to amend Articles 41.3.2 and 41.3.3 of the Constitution to allow the Oireachtas to legislate on the matter was approved by the majority of voters. The Government subsequently passed the Family Law Act 2019. On 29 November 2019, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan announced.

December 22

Divorce referendum expected to be held in November 2018

The Irish public may be casting their vote in another divorce referendum next year, following the Government’s acceptance of Fine Gael TD Josepha Madigan’s Bill last April, which proposed a reduction in the waiting time for a divorce from four years to two. The change will require a constitutional referendum. Under current law, couples must.

May 30

New Developments in Family Law

Children & Family Relationships Act 2015 The Children and Family Relationships Act represents the most significant reform of child and family law in recent years. The Act seeks to put children at the heart of family law, provide legal clarity around various family types and address discrimination faced by children in non-marital families. The Children.

May 27

Same Sex Marriage Referendum

In light of the Referendum on same sex marriage which passed on Saturday 23rd May 2015 in Ireland, legislation is due to be enacted this summer which will pave the way for the first same sex marriages in the state by Christmas this year. Civil Partnership and Obligations of Co- Habitees Act 2010 The Civil.