23 May 2016

One year Anniversary of Same-Sex Marriage Referendum

Celebrations are taking place today to mark the one year anniversary of the same-sex Marriage Referendum.

There have been 412 same-sex couples married in Ireland since the passing of the referendum on 23 May 2015 and more than half of these took place in Dublin.

Counties with the fewest number of same sex marriages include Carlow, Leitrim and Monaghan – all with only one marriage registered.

The only county not to have a same sex marriage registered since the referendum one year ago is Clare.

Grainne Healy, a co-founder of Yes Equality and Chair of Marriage Equality in the south, said: “It is a great joy to see the marriages that have taken place all around Ireland, with couples supported by their families, friends and communities in celebrating their love.

Four hundred and 12 couples have already married since November last year. Hundreds more couples had their foreign marriages automatically recognised.

We are delighted to share this day with those that helped and supported Yes Equality and look forward to many more happy days out for couples who can share in our joy.”

Sources: RTE