Jul 29

Woman Awarded €115,000 for Slip in Zoo

A woman has been awarded €115,000 in damages after suffering a fall in Dublin Zoo in June 2011.

Gwen Leost Kane sued the Zoological Society of Ireland after she sustained serious injuries resulting from a fall outside the sea lions’ enclosure of Dublin Zoo.

Ms Kane claimed that the they had failed to adequately supervise the area and ensure that the premises were safe for those walking in the wet as a considerable amount of rainwater had been permitted to accumulate on a pedestrian walkway and manhole cover.

Ms Kane had been pushing her son’s buggy at the time of the incident when she slipped on the metal manhole cover. She gave evidence stating that she fell backwards when she slipped and heard a bone crack.

Her injuries included a fractured dislocation of the right ankle resulting in the use of crutches for 16 weeks after the accident.

Pat O’Connell SC for Ms Kane told the court that his client could no longer cycle or take part in folk dancing, two activities which she regularly enjoyed.

The case was put before the court for an assessment of damages only as liability was admitted.