While whiplash is not actually a medical term, it is put to use by people who try to explain injuries that come from rapidly moving your head. The most common cause of whiplash comes from getting hit from behind while driving a vehicle. Any type of vehicular collision can cause aggressive movement of the driver’s head. In turn, that movement can cause an overextension of neck ligaments and muscles and contort the spine.

In clinical terms, this type of injury is called “cervical acceleration-deceleration injury”. As such, they can cause a lot of different issues. Most common symptoms are pain and lack of mobility in the neck, back and shoulders.

Claiming for Whiplash

Claiming for whiplash is no different than claiming for other types of injuries. That means that there are two aspects to consider:

  • Liability: As long as the other party is liable for the accident, you can claim for whiplash.
  • Compensation Amount: The value of your compensation claim depends on the severity of the injuries and other expenses you suffer.

Proving and Disproving Whiplash

Gathering physical evidence of this injury can be really difficult due to the fact that the symptoms aren’t easy to prove. A medical examination can’t reliably diagnose it and sometimes even scans such as an X-ray can’t see these injuries.

However, whiplash injuries can be really serious. And one shouldn’t ignore people who suffer from them just because there were others who had tried to profit from fraudulent claims or had exaggerated their injuries. The primary symptoms can further lead to insomnia, numbness, and dizziness, which can all be serious issues.

Contact a Solicitor

Whiplash is potentially a serious injury that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort and can lead to loss of earnings depending on the profession of the victim. Furthermore, the treatment of whiplash injuries can be expensive, this us why it is of paramount importance to contact a solicitor for a consultation as soon as possible.

Compensation Value for Whiplash

Book of quantum holds guidance figures for whiplash injuries. It does not define the exact amounts, but there are guidelines that can help you determine the value of your claim.

  • Minor Injuries – Compensation for injuries that can heal within a year can go up to €14,400
  • Moderate Injuries – If the recovery takes between 12 and 24 months, the compensation should fall between €11,500 and €17,400.
  • Significant Ongoing Injury – If the injury is still ongoing when the trial is over, the compensation value can be between €15,900 and €64,500.
  • Permanent Conditions – If a severe injury causes a permanent and serious condition, the compensation should be between €59,300 and €78,400.